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22 Mar, 2012

The SAARC Halal Council is a
non-profit organization created to uphold the integrity of the halal market concept in SAARC countries trade through recognition, collaboration and membership.



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  1. Promote Peace, Brotherhood, and Halal products promotion among SAARC Countries 
  2. Help and Support Muslim community and Non-Muslims to start businesses in Halal Food, Cosmetics, and  Pharmaceutical, Finance, Takaful Insurance, Interest free Banking, halal restaurants, halal meat & meat based products.
  3. Promote Halal Products Trade, Halal Friendly tourism & Medical Tourism within SAARC Nations 
  4. Standardize Halal certification standards & process among the SAARC countries Halal certifications bodies,
  5. Develop Halal Food, Pharmaceutical, Finance, Takaful Insurance, Interest free Banking educational curriculum system and syllabus.
  6. Organize Trade Shows, Expo’s to promote SAARC nation halal industry products
  7. Create SAARC Halal council as a strong Halal authority in the world
  8. Closely work & co-ordinate with OIC countries for Halal Business development projects.
  9. Facilitate halal certified products B2B & B2C platform
  10. Networking between SAARC countries halal products manufacturers, distributors, exporters, resellers, trade associations, dealers.
  11. Create a free trade zone for SAARC Countries Halal Products