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22 Mar, 2012

The SAARC Halal Council is a
non-profit organization created to uphold the integrity of the halal market concept in SAARC countries trade through recognition, collaboration and membership.



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Board Members

Founder & Chairman
Mr.Mohamed Jinna – India


Vice President
Mr.Ansari Jawad – Nepal

General Secretary
Mr. Asad – Pakistan

Deputy Secretary
Mr.Jasim Ahmed – Bangladesh

India – JUM

Assistant   Treasurer

SECTION 1.The Chairman of the Council shall be nominated by the representatives.

SECTION 2.The Chairman nominated and elected shall constitute the Board of Directors.

SECTION 3.A Vacancy in the Board or any office shall be filled by action of the remaining members of the Board.

SECTION 4.Members of the Board shall be practicing Muslims of good character and understand & follow the shariah law (Islamic Law) and shall be added advantage if he/she is fluent in spoken and written English.

SECTION 5: All selected board members will serve the council for 2 years term only, next term will be continued based on the executive associate members voting results.

Be a Membership:

Join Us

Membership Benefits

By becoming a member of SAARC Halal Council you will gain access to Halal industry SAARC countries network
through various platforms.

Gain Inside Track Opportunities :

  • Online Access for  "members only" area
  • Network with business contacts in the Halal industry
  • Participate in SAARC Halal Council trade expo delegations, missions and conventions
  • Lead & participate in the SAARC Halal Development Projects and Management Discussion
  • Contribute ideas and proposals to the SAACR Halal Council Advisory board
  • Attend the SAARC Halal Council Members General Assembly

"Benefits & Freebies"

  • Free subscription to the SAARC Halal Council E-Newsletter
  • Discounts for all advertisement in the SAARC Halal Council Portal
  • Discounts for registration at all SAACR Halal Council  affiliated workshops, seminars and conferences including

Conference events, SAARC Halal Council Industry Dialogues & the Halal Business Strategy Workshops.

Who can become a Member

There are different types of category of membership:

  • Ordinary Member
  • Executive Associate Member

 Ordinary Member
Any individual or organization who has any interest in Halal industry and development may become a member under this
Executive Associate Member
This is a criteria-based membership, specifically for the Halal Accreditation Bodies (HAB) and Certification Bodies
(CB) only.
Upon joining, the HAB and CB will become an Associate Member before becoming a full Accredited or
Recognized Member.
Any HAB or CB may apply to become an Associate member provided they comply with our minimum requirements.

Application Form

Name of organisation *

Company/Organisation number *

Nature of business

Address *

Postcode *

City *

State *

Country *

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Representative Info


Title (Mr/Mrs/Mdm) *

First name *

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Designation *

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Yes, I have read and I accept the SAARC Halal Council.

* Compulsory Field

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